April 14, 2014 | Posted by: Dennis Street


Buying a home is a big step in your life. Finding the right home and

the right mortgage to suit your needs can be complex. This comprehensive home buyers guide to home ownership provides a simple outline of the process and what you can expect. Remember, I will take care of all the details and answer your questions, so you can have peace of mind throughout
the process.
Most Canadians have a general understanding of what a mortgage is and some of the basic terms, but when looking to make one of the most important financial and lifestyle decisions, it makes sense to speak to
a mortgage professional at Mortgage Intelligence. Mortgage financing does not have to be difficult and I can guide you through the entire process, answer all of your questions, and ensure that you get the best product and rate to suit your own personal needs. You deserve a customized mortgage solution, and the traditional financial institution branch channel will not give you what you deserve. With over 50 lenders and hundreds of products at my fingertips, I am up-to-date on
the continually changing landscape of rates, terms and conditions -
you can relax knowing your interests are being well taken care of.

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