Home Renovations (ROI): that pay off!

January 19, 2017 | Posted by: Dennis Street

Refinance Your Home Reno (ROI): Renovations that pay off!

Not all renovation projects will make a huge difference, but the right improvements can help boost the value of your home. If you are renovating for personal reasons only, it makes good sense to know how that investment might payback in the value of your home.  Here are five renovations that consistently provide a good return on your investment:

 Updated kitchen - From refreshed cabinet fronts and new hardware to a full-on renovation with new appliances and flooring, your kitchen renovation will be noticed by buyers.

 A sparkly bathroom – Bathroom renovations are among the most reliable in terms of boosting the overall value of your home. Popular mid-range renovations could include modern showerheads and faucets, and an attractive new sink and counter top.

 Fresh painting - Whether it's inside or outside, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders on the overall impression of your home. The experts consistently agree that painting pays. Light and mid-range neutrals tend to appeal to the widest range of prospective homebuyers.

 The efficient basement - An unfinished basement is just an opportunity waiting to be exploited and a great way to increase the value and square footage of your home!  

 Energy efficiency - Upgraded heating and air systems are always good, and provide immediate savings on your energy bill. New energy-efficient doors and windows will spruce up the appearance of your home.

 If you’re thinking renovation, let’s talk. We can help you finance your reno so you can maximize your ROI.  CALL ME: Dennis Street  1-844-363-9113

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